My, my.. the year started here.. O25, 2011

First picture I ever took of Occupy Oakland, on October 12th 2011.
I had yet to really visit the encampment by foot. I’d drive by often, as I loved being in Oakland, and spent quite a bit of time in and around the area. I had my curiosities about Occupy Oakland, and had not quite found a way or reason to associate myself with the encampment there. I often felt awkward about walking up into space that was considered “living space” for many. I continued to read about the encampment, and Occupy as a movement, trying to find my way to plug in. Always with such admiration for those that had found their way to take a stand.

On October 25, 2011, day of the encampment raid, I was unaware of the details of the events that took place early in the morning, and into the afternoon. I had been downtown with a friend & we knew the encampment had been raided earlier in the day. We heard the helicopter overhead for a long period of time & decided to go in the direction of the plaza. We had no idea what had happened, or what we were driving into. People were everywhere in the streets, and so were the cops. There was a haze in the air, which I would later find, was from the teargas that had been fired at people. I became increasingly aware of the curiosity that was brewing inside me. That night and onward, I would be forever changed by what I had, and would continue to, observe.
Intersection of 14th & Clay, after raid, barricaded and lined with OPD

Broadway entrance to OGP at 15th street, after raid, barricaded and lined with OPD

First video I ever took of Occupy Oakland, on October 25th @ 8:32pm.

The next two videos, I took while driving around, amazed at the number of cops that had been brought in to keep people out of a common area, intended for public use. I had taken my friend home to San Leandro and returned to downtown. I was still unaware of all the details of the events that had occurred earlier in the day. There was a curiosity so intense within me, that continued drawing me back to the plaza, this night, and onward into the year that was about to unfold before me.

We’re Fucked Radio - Episode 4

Little rant about why we need to spend more time finding ways to be nice to each other, and why it’s important. Also, a quick description about StraightEdge Day.


I’ve discovered,
the discovery of time was lame.
why do you want to continually discover
you never have enough of something.
especially time.

gotta go.

typical phrase used by most.
we don’t even have time to use correct English.
gotta? is that a word? and go where?
ill admit I’ve used this phrase much myself.
because yes, life is fast.
but why are my fingers so apt to type ‘gotta go’
as opposed to, “I’ve run out of time, bye.”
will we ever understand it.

maybe when we get more time to think about it.




it’s all i’ve got left in me
bleeding from the inside
swallow the salted bitterness of this
life leads me nowhere but down
raise swollen eyelids to the light
shines down with the warmth
the hope makes the struggle
fight leads me nowhere but up
see the roads, which one to take
adventure and re-enter
all hope proven fake
show me a dead end sign
warning is better than the pain
bleeding is coming like rain
find reason
to fight


its everywhere now
perceived to be in countries other than our own
but not really. there is always some sort of war everywhere.
I’m getting a taste of my own kind with someone i don’t even know
there is war on the streets with all the crime and drugs and poverty
there is war in every house in America
war is not just going over to the middle east and bombing a country in an act of revenge
war starts right in our very own minds.
we must think intellectually and do our best to get along with everyone the best we can.
if we cant, we should walk away.
why is someone always trying to be the biggest and the baddest.
silly really

in the words of the Mad Caddies “in the hidden shadows of everyday battles stands a man”
as huMANs we should stand up and use the brain we were given.
I’m tired of being at war. with another country, another religion, another person even


beautifully amazing
music, in a hall built for royalty
intricate melodies radiate the art filled ceilings
and with you beside me
completes the feeling of happiness
music, beautiful art, and companionship
what more would one need in one night
plea for peace
spreading knowledge to the world
sharing our favorite music
wonderful to say the least.
i thank you more than you will know
for taking me with you
it was not only going to a show
it was an amazing night for more reasons than one


like a yo yo
climb down the string to the ground
and then make my way back up to your hand
wont you just stop playing
and hold me there
ill be there
ill be your friend

week from hell

as the week comes to close i am reminded of that old saying that is said so often “this was a week from hell” that phrase has a whole new meaning for me now. working too many days, or having a few bad trials of life could never prompt me to refer to my days alive as a week from hell. they can never compare to the week that is now behind us.

and lastly, remind the people in your life that you love them. make peace and keep peace with your closest friends and of course family. embrace each other and know you are not alone. be extra safe while driving or doing other activities. we all know anything can happen at any time and you may never have the chance to say im sorry or i love you. and reminding those around you that you love them will help them through the daily struggles that are ahead.

Freedom Rings

i dont want to be this
i dont want to do this
i dont want to know this
i dont want to hear this
i want to be this
i want to do this
i want to know this
i want to hear this
be the greatest person you know how
do the greatest things you know you can do
know the greatest things there are to know
hear the greatest things there are to hear